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Dawn Yang (Dawn Yeo) Before & After

You got to believe for what have seen in the photos below! She, Dawn Yang,  looks totally different before & after she did her plastic surgeries.

Okay, let the photos do all the talking.

Omg! She changed alot!!
Unbelievable!! She turned to a "Beautiful Swan" after she did her plastic surgeries.

Dawn Yang while she was in high school

More photos of Dawn Yang before surgeries..

Dawn Yang's Current Photos
'Am i look gorgeous after i did my plastic surgeries??'

She looks fairer than before. Omg! Amazing! That's what we called THE POWER OF PLASTIC SURGERY!!

Let's check it out the video below.

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yen said…
Anonymous said…
she had plastic surgery, mate.
Anonymous said…
kion said…
shun2u said…
对,内在美才是最重要。但如果内在和外在都美的话就perfect 了.
Anonymous said…
Dawn Yang 的确很漂亮!可是。。。如果转了三百六十度,那不是转回了原点吗?呵呵!
Anonymous said…
Pam Song said…
Don't we all know this already?
noV said…
yes yes, we all know about this about this already...
~Zhenna~ said…
i do admire her courage to go under the knife although i strongly feel a beautiful person is not one with nice facial features or devilish figure but one with a gOOd heart :-)
Bobby Hamasaki said…
it's amazing that surgery can make women become extremely beautiful... wow!!
Anonymous said…
Dear Asian girls,

Quit trying to look like us. It's pathetic.

yours truly,

white guy
Anonymous said…
That before surgery picture was after she did a little plastic surgery.

@white guy
Not a lot Asian was trying to look like Caucasians.
Anonymous said…
Further more, a lot Caucasians celebrities had their plastic surgeries too.
Anonymous said…
yea..but they're not trying to look Asian! How many Caucasians do you see running to the plastic surgery to "remove" their double eyelids? Or make their noses flatter or their faces rounder? The features Miss Yang was going for (and so many other Asians) are predominantly Caucasoid (i.e high-bridge nose, smaller face, rounder eyes).
Anonymous said…
DY must've used Michael Jackson's surgeon because he gave her the same nose!! She looks freaky scary. Sorry. She looked better b4.
Anonymous said…
well they're trying to look caucasian because they feel inadequate compared to caucasians. they're comparing themselves to the caucasian standard of beauty. in our world, people with caucasian features are considered the most beautiful
Anonymous said…
Caucasian people are not the most beautiful. You get beautiful and ugly in every race and caucasians are not the most beautiful overall. Most people that have had plastic surgery are caucasian. Asians, hispanic and blacks are just as beautiful as caucasians. In fact the woman who has been named as the most beautiful woman in the world is Aishwarya Rai and she is INDIAN!
~Zhenna~ said…
Hi do agree with some of your points... 身体发肤,受之父母。。。so one should love what's already given or blessed by their parents.. plastic or cosmetic surgery? unless patients recovered from bad accidents, disfiguring, deformations...**anyway im sure the plastic surgeons thank you all for helping to make their lifestyles, bungalows, houses, clubs, spas, cars, LV's, etc. possible.
Jasmine Leigh said…
They are not trying to look white A-holes, they are trying to look mixed. There are studies done that show most people find mixed looks more attractive than average. Of course there are people who are unmixed who are still very attractive as well. AND FOR THE RECORD, White people DO try to look Asian, hello, black eyeliner???? Losing weight to have a sexy "asian" figure??? We can roll this both ways racist b*tches.
Anonymous said…
Omigawd.. all the while I tot Dawn Yang is some eurasian or what... Okay.. she is a Mixed... Organic mixed Non-Organic =.=.. Anyway.. she looks much attractive than before, as long as she is happy... non that i would care..
Anonymous said…
Hahaha... judge from her look before surgery I guess she really did have a very good surgeon -a great one indeed. Go and check Xiaxue blog and u'll find more of Dawn's photos before surgery. Totally different person. It was like..before surgery she was like any other ORDINARY chinese girl but suddenly after surgey she become Caucasian-look alike angel with beautiful eyes and fairer skin.I don't seems.. funny
syarlilady said… It's hard to explain the nose other than rhinoplasty because it did look wider in the old pictures. Ok, let's say she didn't have surgery, I wonder whether double eyelid tapes, the special contact lenses that make your irises larger and subtle application of the eyeliner on the upper eyelids can actually change her face into a Eurasian. I hope someone tries those and post the result somewhere.
Anonymous said…
i wonder why she wants to go under the knife?! She is still so young and it's not like she is very ugly or her face needs some fixes. Maybe she wants to be prettier and hot. It's her decisions though.Even many American & HK celebrities are getting plastic surgery. Pretty common these days..
shun2u said…
you are right pink lady, now plastic surgery has became so common that most of the artists also did plastic surgery to make them more prettier.
Anonymous said…
Black eyeliner=Asian??!?!? wtf... Women use eyeliner to accentuate their eyes and make them look bigger and wider, not smaller. Asians undergo all this surgery to appear "mixed" yes, but mixed with what? Mixed with white!!! Don't see Asians getting surgery to look mixed with black. It's pathetic and sad. Women should embrace their individual beauty unique to their culture, not some sorry attempt to appear "mixed" with some other race. That aint racist you dimwit. That's F-A-C-T. But those with limited mental capacity can choose to remain in a state of perpetual denial.
butter said…
hey guys.. chill...
you know what.. she became more and more pretty because she do a lot of homework to beutify herself..and im not pointing to plastic surgery..
dont you know make ups/ cosmetic products can do wonders to gals out there? her eyes became bigger because of the make up, double eyelid sticker and faux eye lashes..and contact lenses that make ya iris looks bigger and more attractive.. dont believe it? try it at home, you'll look totally different with sparkling eyes..
what makes you think a dark skin gal would remain dark skin forever? me myself were too dark and unnoticeable when i was in high school, i look totally unattractive with my puffy, small, single eye-lid-eye, with the right cleansing products and skin products, my complexion had become fairer.. and because i work in indoors now, it kept me out from harmful uv da way, do you notice that d.y. put ob heavy foundation? that is not bleaching, that is just the foundation she applied, sometimes you can see it's different tone compare with the color of her neck and body... slowly, my fren noticed that i became fairer.. my face were so round and flat back then.. without knowing why, the older i get, ( im now 23) my face become more toned and slim, i can say prettier..and again, using good skill of make-ups, one's facial features can look more sharp and prominent...
other than that.. i wear more sexy tops thanks to some heavily-padded-bra easily available in the market.. did i plastic myself? nop never.. but my friends around me say this to me everytime we had gathering.. wow. you looks so different compared to before.. it's like transformed into an attractive lady...

oh yea.. taking photos by posing to certain angles are so magical too... with different angles, and lighting effects, your face and body can look fairer and slimmer:) try practice it at home.

i think many gals out there truly understand and agree with what i say..

pity the guys out there.
~Zhenna~ said…
Yes butter, agreed with u :-)
Anonymous said…
One of the forumers posted a group photo of Dawn yang, Rachel Kum, Fauzi Rassull and Agri at a club. All of them went through cosmetic surgery. And the funny part was, some of them are famous and some are popular here leh. oh my gosh.

Dawn Yang, famous blogger/hottest babe went through major cosmetic surgery. same go with Rachel Kum (shes a model)

Whereas for Agri, she went nose surgery. Fauzi Rassull on the other hand, went through shaprening chin, eye lit surgery and botox. WTF!

and people tend to hate them. why? coz they went surgery and we did not?

COZYCOT thread
shun2u said…
haha. Seem tat cosmetic surgery can make someone famous, no wonder more and more ppl did.
Anonymous said…
common la... it is so obvious that she do the plastic surgery... but anyway it is very sucessful...wonder which doc she go....
Anonymous said…
To the white guy there:
Im actly very neutral towards all comments but for urs i think u've messed something up.
Taking in a high sharp nose,sharp chin,thin face,fair skin doesn't means she's looking forward to LOOK like caucasian.
As u said the most beautiful woman in the world is an Indian.
I suppose u know she has high sharp nose,chin n big eyes?
So now it's caucasian or indian?
But anyway,in the asian history n conceptions,sharp chin,big eyes,fair skin,thin face is always recognised as the icon of beauty.

So,pls don't be such narcissistic.None here are trying to look like u.
They are just trying to look more beautiful according to their own preferences.

p/s: Inner beauty is more appreciable than the outter.
Hencs isn't it the same for attitude,to have a heart to except the difference of others,and not calling it fake but improvement?
Anonymous said…
you know, appearance is everything. Beautiful on the inside is bull, no such thing. We are humans and humans are attracted to beauty, simple as that.
Anonymous said…
Re: One of the forumers posted a group photo of Dawn yang, Rachel Kum, Fauzi Rassull and Agri at a club. All of them went through cosmetic surgery. And the funny part was, some of them are famous and some are popular here leh. oh my gosh.

I disagree that people hate them just because they all did plastic surgery. I feel its because they are fame hungry and doing plastic surgery does not put them in a good light. Surely, people will start talking about your before and after photos.

Also, Rachel Kum is not a model. She has indeed gone through plastic surgery. Boob job,nose job, botox to make her face slimmer etc. You can view her old photos and current photos and she also looks different.
Anonymous said…
I guess at the end of the day, birds of the same kind flock together.

Dawn Yang, Rachel Kum, Agri and Fauzi all have done Plastic surgery. So I guess they all have that in common to talk about.
Anonymous said…
h0w much did she spent 0n th surgery huh?

and she's really damn pretty aft th surgery man xD!!

beinq pretty is n0t a crime at all!

lala land here :D
.{a}...❤ said…
dawn yang is actually very interesting... all the horrible stuff she's done is fun to read through~

& to white guy and all who think like him :

im an asian girl, i don't want to look caucasian! >.< ( even though alot are very pretty! )
i don't want to have a lump in the bridge of my nose that is big like Lewis Griffin! ( not reffering to people who don't have that.)
ALOT of my caucasian friends look masculine(not saying all, just some)! I DONT WANT TO LOOK EVEN THE TINIEST BIT LIKE A DUDE!!!

maybe before you write that comment, you should've atleast talked to an asian person who knows about this stuff.!

and i think you should've said 'not to ALL'

FakoU! i want to looklike friggin korean popstar like lee dahae! or my indian friend! or like my porcelain doll.
Anonymous said…
I cannot believe the organiser for MSU2009 is allowing Rachel Kum to be competing for MSU2009 with all the plastics surgeries that she did! Her boobs definitely are a put off compared to her past pictures. I would hate to hear people internationally commenting on Singapore sending a fake doll to represent Singapore. OMGoodness! Where have all the natural God send beauties!
:D said…
it was evil when eve listehed to the snake and ate from the tree of knowledge. it was evil when she saw that she was naked. if not for that none of us would ever have to grow old and sick ,and die
Jace said…
Sorry anonymous, but really, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, Japan, Korea beauty queens all undergo plastic surgery!!

Comeon, the recent Miss Universe 2006 and Miss Universe 2008 and Miss Universe 2007 3rd runnerup all have major plastic surgery but they still won the title!!!

Singapore must upgrade if not we forever mocked by others around the world as "ignorant of plastic surgery"
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure what to think of this girl. At first I thought she looked really pretty. These first pictures that I saw were all the same angle though. I did more google research and found some angles that were not so flattering and reminded me of octomom...
Gigi said…
I totally agree with Butter who commented above.

There are many techniques for girls to look better. I also looked tanner and not so pretty when younger, now old friends can barely recogize me. But i swear i didn't surgery!

Dawn's old photos are from school days which are like what, 10 years ago? C'mon, people changej people mature!!!

Also, look carefully, her face don't look that different to me. Maybe as a girl its easier for me to tell when its magic of makeup. BIgger eyes = big eye lens and false eyelashes. Fairer skin = whitening products, stay out of sun. Sharper looking features = lose weight

Btw, I also read somewhere that some of the "old" photos were photoshopped to make her look uglier. I think Xiaxue or some haters out there could have done that. Damn mean.
Gigi said…
I totally agree with Butter who commented above.

There are many techniques for girls to look better. I also looked tanner and not so pretty when younger, now old friends can barely recogize me. But i swear i didn't surgery!

Dawn's old photos are from school days which are like what, 10 years ago? C'mon, people changej people mature!!!

Also, look carefully, her face don't look that different to me. Maybe as a girl its easier for me to tell when its magic of makeup. BIgger eyes = big eye lens and false eyelashes. Fairer skin = whitening products, stay out of sun. Sharper looking features = lose weight

Btw, I also read somewhere that some of the "old" photos were photoshopped to make her look uglier. I think Xiaxue or some haters out there could have done that. Damn mean.
nobody said…
i don't find it wrong that someone wants to become prettier in instant through plastic surgery.. and i still like her A LOT!
carla said…
asians want to be white soooo badd

ive heard of so many whitening creams,moisterizers,gels etc. in asia


and asian people stop saying that you dont because we all know thats a liee,

even the the asian people that live in the US leave their "roots" behind they think whereever they were born thats their "heritedge" WHEN ITS NOTT! your asian get the FUCK OVER IT! theres is no wayy you can change chinky-ass eyes,straight black hair and a yellow complexion! and another thing to the asians that are "from" europe and have an accent: you guys sound so stupid with a brittish or irish accent try and be "white" all you can, your not fooling anybodyy, oh! and another thing asians are fucking everywhere! in the randomest places in the world, always trying to change their "enthnicity"

goshh you guys are patheticc :p stop invading the world with your useless, ugly features! no one wants them!

>: )
carla said…
And white people, mexican, and black people or as a matter of fact NO OTHER RACE IN THE WORLD!

wants to looks asian with "eyeliner" and "losing weight to have sexy asian figure"


so stop trying to point a fingerr!

haha its like the pot calling the kettle black....
Anonymous said…
I like her she has got nice personality not so vicious like some of her friends
Anonymous said…
well..that's their problem if they wanted to go for plastic surgery or not..btw natural beauty is the best..^^ ..besides,how long can this beauty of fakeness last?maybe it will deformed over the years..haha..who knows(:
crystal said…
her eyes looks weird and unnatural..scary~..
NoOnesUgly said…
People are so racist, the point of the forum is deciding, if this girl went for plastic surgery, not asians trying to look white or whites trying to look asian.

Guys, i am Asian, i am PURE Chinese. Sad thing is, i don't look Chinese, so does it mean i went for surgery? No, all races of people always mistake me for anything other then Chinese. Yes my eyes are big,yes my hair is brown(Caucasians dye their hair black?), yes my skin is fair (Caucasians Tan) and yes i have a high nose(Caucasians also go for nose jobs all the time). Its all natural. My parents & grandparents have those traits so i got them. I come from a well respected family. And i traveled extensively, till this day, guys and girls of all races, including a lot of Caucasians gawk at me. (noted: i was always voted the prettiest/smartest girl in school(oh and i keep my legs closed and never wore skirts above my knees or showed any of my boobs), not for bragging, but for people who are ignorant to ethnic beauty) So NO, Asians are not UGLY. I am proud of my race and our accomplishments. People who do not travel are extremely ignorant, so please pardon them. We can't blame people for not having the chance to see the world.

If Caucasians are that great, China would not be a rising power and whites would not bother to learn Chinese. Duly note, its the educated ones who learn it too.

Diverged too much there. Point being, Every race has their less attractive population, there is NO ugly person. Everybody has their insecurities(eg. I have a protruding round butt, naturally. Its very tiring to run *smiles*) Happiness comes from yourself, in your heart.
Kush said…
Gah... This kind of stuff is so depressing. I can't believe over in Asia there are people (not all of them admittedly) wanting to look like white when don't here they couldn't give a rats ass above us Asians. So now she has freaky eyes.

Let's get this straight. Lighter skin is NOT any indication of beauty. If that was the case I'd be picking an 80 YO woman over Beyonce.

Be proud of being Asian. Don't go trying to be white like some sellout. Even as a Eurasian, I prefer to be labeled as Asian.

On the other hand, white folk all want to get Asian-ish type tans. So it's not all one way traffic.

Anyway, I hope you are proud of yourself.
sasha said…
just be yourself(:everyone is beautiful in their own me^^Im a malay but ppl always mistaken me by caucasian..but still,i'm proud to be called Asians!...^_^
Anonymous said… is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading every day.
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Asian Girl said…
I am proud to be an Asian . But I am sure she is just trying to change only . Nothing wrong what . Else what is the use of having Plastic Surgeon Doctor ? Huh ? Maybe she just want to be part of caucasian . Let her be . Why wanna interrupt people's life . Hmmmm ?
Anonymous said…
I'm a REAL Eurasian, and I think her wannabe-Eurasian plastic surgery ways are giving us a bad name.

I don't want people thinking I've had surgery to achieve my features! How disgraceful!

Proud to be a mixie, not proud to have imitations!
same anonymous as above said…
And to the douche-bag white supremacists who are saying that she got surgery to look white:

Stop flattering yourselves mmkay ;).
Nobody in the Far East wants to look white. Haven't you heard? The ones that are ashamed of their race (Dawn Yang, Angelababy, Ai Cherie, Janice Man etc.) want to look EURASIAN. It's all the rage out there.

Eurasians are mixed WITH white, they are NOT white. Last time I checked, I was Eurasian and you blind white folk still call me Asian. So stfu, and go back to your trailers.
nobody said…
Yes it's true that asians do not want to look completely caucasian, but the caucasian facial feature is considered desirable in asian culture. I'm saying the double eyelids, high nose bridge, and slim face. Thus it's very desirable for asians to look mixed with Caucasian. Dawn Yang definitely went through a major plastic surgery reform. Of course not to mention the boob job to make herself a perfect 34B...
Her face... as you can see, she had her face slimmered. Either through a jaw reduction or chin sharped to make her face shape more oval and small. Definitely had her eyes and nose done for sure! And probrably got a forehead transplant, to make it smoother and rounder. There's a small percentage of asian who are naturally blessed with some non-asian facial features like (NoOnes Ugly) But dawn yang is not one of them!
Anonymous said…
dear effing stupid caucasian guy,
please notice that the girl above made those plastic surgeries to look like a japanese or maybe korean. Which are considered asian. All her new features made her look more cute like an ASIAN from japan. Even after the surgeries you can tell that she is an asian.I studied in United States before, and let me ask you this. Why is there a lot of tanning salon in the US? to make your skin tanner? and not pale???? or should i say to look like an asian? and why in a sudden many caucasian have super black hair??? I guess it is in their gene right? The truth is, everybdy wants to look better and never satisfied with what they have. It applies to everyone in the world including CAUCASIANS.
Anonymous said…
Okay, C'mon, Seriously, if we are being honest, the asian girls (and guys?) undergoing this surgery to alter their ethnic features ARE striving to obtain a more caucasian look. Anyone who states otherwise is deluding themselves. When describing these surgeries (double lid, high, sharp nose, slim face, FAIRER skin), you cannot tell me that they are trying to look more Japanese or Indian or Korean. They are trying to look more WHITE. When you combine wanting bigger eyes with a higher nose, slimmer face, AND fairer skin, what does this indicate. Looking more Indian? More Japanese? No, more WHITE. I have lived in an area of Canada which has a HUGE asian population and several of my japanese, korean and chinese friends have all stated this as fact. I don't think that it's being racist to admit this! It's obvious. I personally don't agree with it as Asian women have very distinct features which make them beautiful in their own way. I believe it has to do primarily with the huge influence of western pop-culture over the last 50 years, over what is considered cool, attractive, desirable, etc.

Side Notes:
1)I have never heard the of the idea that the use of black-eyeliner is an attempt to look more like an asian woman. Don't all women use it?? It certainly doesn't make any of us look more asian. If anything, it tends to open up the eye more.

2)I have also never heard of the "asian figure" referred to as "sexy" per say. I'm not saying that some men/women don't find it attractive, but if you talk to most white, black, or hispanic women/men, we tend to find curves sexier. Asian women tend to possess more boyish figures.

3)I find more asian women to possess more masculine features than white women (especially Chinese women) with their more square-like jaws and boyish figures. Don't get me wrong, there are some seriously masculine women of all ethnicities, but but if we're talking about women of certain ethnicities looking masculine than others, the boyish figures and square jaws don't help.

4)Lastly, the unfortunate white girl who was spouting off racist slurs, complete with spelling mistakes and grammar deficiencies, may well want to retreat to her trailer.
Anonymous said…
one last thing. tanning is not a habit that extends to 'all' or 'most' caucasians. I personally hate the look and have only ever know a handful of people who tan intentionally. This tends to be more predominant in the states, maybe? I don't know if it comes from wanting to be asian, though. I think they are going more for the blond, buxom, tanned Farrah Fawcet/ Pam Anderson beach babe thing.
Maggie said…
I'm Irish and have green eyes and black hair. So to reply to the previous comment: yes it is in my genes and no I don't think that white women who die their hair are trying to look more asian by doing so. we're not talking about a chinese woman who dyed her hair blond and is being accused of trying to look more white. we're talking about a chinese woman who went through extensive, likely very painful and very expensive plastic surgery that (for whatever reason) resulted in her having more caucasian features. maybe this was the accidental outcome, but no likely. And to those other people saying that this Dawn chick was trying to look more Eurasian, not more White: isn't that the exact same thing? If a women is Chinese as a result of her genes and has surgery to make her asian features more white, it's naturally going to leave her looking Eurasian. She could never look COMPLETELY caucasian even if she tried, which I think she would if she thought it would succeed.
Anonymous said…
Hey racist caucasian freak, Go get a life.. this world is full of asians.. go should go cave urself if you really don't like being around them. Well I have alot of caucasian good-looking friends and none are racist!!!!
It seems that you have not seem how BIG the world is and you don't sound like you come from a middle/high-class society too. I really pity you. This world is not about asian or caucasians.. WORLD PEACE guys. You have to THINK BIG and OUT OF THE BOX. You will not make it in the business world if u keep thinking that your race is the most superior. Every BIG companies need to venture globally to GROW. Bill Gates (who is not a racist) ventured into asian markets decades ago to make his millions. Big ppl think BIG!! see the difference between urself and an affluent figure like Bill.

EVERYONE likes to looks good and it doesn't matter which race. Asian have naturally high-bridge nose and I have seen some caucasian with weird looking face. They are born with it. COME ON. open up ur eyes!!

Back to Dawn topic, she is one asian who does not want to acknowledge her PURE asian roots. She is one of the most pathetic asian too. SURGERY is for everyone but if a person keeps denying their roots, it shows that they are living in self-denial. She might risk losing her own family too. All of them are CHINESE.. no mixed blood. -_- It's so weird how ppl are. She rather choose fame n wealth (heard she is a mistress) than her own family and friends.
Anonymous said…
I don't understand why you all think making urself more beautiful is making urself more WHITE. All these are purely racist nonsense!!! haahaaha I have light brown eyes dark brown hair and high-bridge nose. It does not mean im WHITE.. I'm chinese, my boyfriend is a caucasian. I'm proud to be one too. And he says only people who have nothing better to do will critise other races and starts from the society you come from. So I should have a rough idea of your level of society based on your remarks... .

WHITE is only a colour. Being FAIR is one of the ancient (way before they have TVs and aeroplanes!!!) beauty must-haves. you guys should do more research here. I work in a multi-cultural company and all my caucasian colleagues are none like any of you here... Good luck to you all though! Please be more kind to your fellow being. Think before you comment. God Bless.
Anonymous said…
LOL!! U guys are so funny. Did you guys forget that we Asians have pretty girls with big eyes, high nose bridge and fair skin too? In fact, the fairest aren't the Caucasians. Some asians are like ultra fair. I can assure you that Caucasians can't reach that level of fairness. And we also have some with ultra big eyes too >_>'' All dawn young wanted was to look like one of the PRETTY ASIANS which sadly are the minorities unlike most Caucasians who generally look good. We only have VERY FEW PRETTY ASIANS. Ask any1 and they'll tell u dawn young looks asian. Even after surgery she doesn't look Caucasian AT ALL!! For asians to look Caucasian, i guess we have to plastic our entire face LOL!!
Anonymous said…
Owh and 1 more point. Do you think she looks more like megan fox or vivian hsu YOU DECIDE!! *most caucasians don't have ULTRA BIG ALIEN EYES fyi!!*
Anonymous said…

I am new here and I just wanted to say hi!

So long
Anonymous said…
Makeup also plays a part. When I was still schooling with no money to buy makeup, I also look very plain.

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Yet another model (Taiwan) exposed as transsexual.Her name is Alicia Liu (劉薰愛). She is a new model but currently she becomes very famous in Taiwan because of her gorgeous appearances. Alicia Lee (小爱) born as a boy and had been changed her sex to female when she was in high school. All her sex change surgery fees was paid by her boy friend. (Her boy friend very supportive huh??) So guys, pls beware, when you want to woo a girl, you have to really make sure that she is a female, coz who knows she is a transsexual??!! She is gorgeous indeed Unbelievable! She don't even looks like a transsexual. Alicia Liu (The left) Alicia Liu before sex change surgery Pls check it out her video ads below. (The purple hair color is Alicia Liu)

Ariel Nazril (Peterpan) Scandal Video Leaked!

If you're from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore or Brunei, perhaps you know who is Peterpan. Peterpan is Indonesian pop rock band, and not a mischievous boy who can fly and magically refuses to grow up. I do love the Peterpan " Mungkin Nanti " this song a lot,  because it's nice and love the music so much. Check it out the video clip below: Of course this post is not only to introduce you who is Peterpan, but to inform you that the leaked sex tape video of Ariel Nazril, the Peterpan frontman, and the Indonesian model, Cut Tari!! According to the current news, both of them denied their participation in the video which leaked to the net last week. But from the video, we can see that the guy in the video look alike Ariel Nazril! 'Cut Tari & Ariel Nazril Bogel!!' From a singer & model become a porn star! lol. Check it out the video below: