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Buzze Azam lawyer finally Response against the case of Anti-Tanglung in SMK Puchong

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Conversation between Rosmah and Najib audio recording clip leaked

Rosmah Mansor is heard telling her husband Najib Razak to “take charge” because he is prime minister, in an audio clip released by the MACC today which shows Najib and other high-ranking individuals conspiring to manipulate information related to #1MDB.

Rosmah shouting at her husband Najib over his handling of the 1MDB saga

A fuming Rosmah, heard shouting at her husband Najib over his handling of the 1MDB saga following revelations from DOJ.
The proposed arbitration with IPIC will be damaging if it were to go ahead . “ Many will get hurt “ Najib agreed.
In total, 8 clips were played by MACC

Mazlee Malik after resigned finally knows how "Hang Tuah" was banished by Sultan Melaka

Former Education Minister Maszlee Malik who resigned last week, reflects now he knows how the Malay warrior ‘Hang Tuah’ felt when he was banished by the Sultan of Melaka

This baby knows to relax like a boss lIke BABY BOSS

The 4-month-old baby knows to relax like a boss in baby spa.

Do you know how strong an ostrich egg is?

A man demonstrated the incredible durability of an ostrich egg by standing and putting his full weight onto its shell, without it cracking in the slightest.

Filmed at a zoo in Teluk Kemang, Malaysia, on October 12 a keeper showed how remarkably strong the largest egg in the natural world is.

Despite an ostrich egg only having a shell 2mm in thickness, it can reportedly hold a weight of about 220kg vertically and 120kg horizontally, meaning it could easily withstand the weight of the keeper.

Treehouse Mosque in Merang Kuala Terengganu

House made out of fallen tree branches in Malaysia