Funny baby Video

How To Whitening Skin with These Easy Steps

Funny Kecak Dance in Bali

Kecak known in Indonesian as Tari Kecak, is a form of Balinese hindu dance. The Kecak Fire Dance is a sight to behold. As the sun sets over Uluwatu Temple, the men chant as if in a trance, while the performance takes place.

How to calm a baby when he is crying

Step 1. Record a video of him while he is crying 
Step 2. Play rite infront of him to stop him from crying. Let the video does the talking.(proof) 

Baby Spa - "We are Different "

Two babies in the spa, one is active, while another one is passive. Coz THEY ARE DIFFERENT! 

Cheapest Buffet in the world? 5 USD? Eat all you can!

Can't believe it! The buffet lunch / dinner just for 5 USD per person! Eat all you can! The restaurant is located at Hatyai, Southern Thailand.

CrytoCurrency Exchange, Buy Crytocurrency with Credit Card

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