5 Ways To Instantly Stop A Crying Baby - Funny Parenting Tips 2019

Video: Indian Family caught stealing almost everything from Bali hotel room

A video of family caught stealing almost everything from Bali hotel room has exploded on social media. 

The video began with hotel staff searching through the family’s luggage, as they were about to leave the hotel. 

The family was initially indignant, and were seen shouting at the various hotel staff. They also kept saying that they had a flight to catch, and asked to be let go. 

They were quickly silenced, however, when staff began pulling out stolen items from the family’s bags.

The longest 100 meter of C3 splitter petrochemical column in Malaysia

The longest 100 meter C3 splitter petrochemical column/pipe in Malaysia was sent from Bukit Rambai to Tanjung Kling port Melaka and export to oversea country. Which country unknown.

Cute baby knows how to relax like a baby boss

An adorable baby had a very relaxing time at a spa in Malaysia. Footage shows the cute little one with a rubber neck ring floating inside a hot tub, surrounded by coloured plastic balls. The baby giggles, floats about and generally seems to be enjoying his spa day very much.