Angelababy Before & After Plastic Surgery

I swear before this i didn't know about her. I didn't know who is she and even didn't know where she's from.

Firstly i thought she was a porn star, (lol) because she looks alike. Never thought that she is an artist and just know that she is a model too.

I heard about her from my friends and knew that she ever did plastic surgeries before. This was really caught my attention, curious max. So i have googled it before she did her plastic surgeries, because i wanted to watch how she looks like before she did her plastic surgeries.

Before i posted her old photos, let's see her current's look.
She looks sexy and gorgeous
 I'm wondering, is it gorgeous girls are like to camwhore??
She looks cute too!

>>>>Angela Baby Before Plastic Surgery
Omg! Is that she??

Before Angelababy did her plastic surgeries, she looked like omg....!!!

See, that's what we called, the power of PLASTIC SURGERY! Can change from an ugly woman to gorgeous!!

But for me, nature is beauty. If you want to make yourselves look gorgeous, u can simply just make up. No need to have plastic surgery.

Anyway, that's your choice. I can't control you.