Blood Donation

Yesterday my company had a blood donation campaign in our factory. It started at 1pm to 5pm and the response was very good i swear. Totally got more than 100 donors!! Even the government hospital fellas also praised the response was very good. They said normally other places they only got 30 to 40 donors. Haha, we felt so proud because our campaign was successful!

This was my third time i donated blood. The 1st time i donated blood at Malacca government hospital while the second time at Tiara Beach Resort.

Here is my RED CARD.
Do you know the benefits of having this red card?? It's like a MEDICAL CARD! When you go to government hospital, u just show this red card, then you are entitled to get free medical treatment. How good, you don't even need to buy an expensive medical card.
We had prepared the drinks and some food for the donors
And we even gave free souvenirs to the donors. See, how generous we were!! You can't even find a blood donation campaign which has given all these things. I swear. They only give certificate and key chain, but we gave certificate, key chain, mug, coffee 3 in 1, a small water bottle, towel, mineral water and biscuits!
The committee members all were busy registering forms for the donors
Malacca government hospital servants
See these lady workers, they looks embarrassed when i taken their photo
See, she looks in pain
What happened to this fella huh? Sleeping? Or fainted??
My blood in the box too. Hehe..

It was really a tiring day. i back home at nearly 6.30pm yesterday.

I slept at 9.00pm. But this morning after i woke up, i still feel tired. How come huh?? Perhaps I've donated blood plus helped to carry many goods yesterday.

Off to sleep again later. :P