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Jocelyn Wildenstein Before & After

I've noticed that nowadays there are many people attempt to make them more good-looking by doing a plastic surgery. They are willing so much to spend their money even though it costs more than $10k sometimes! For those whom did plastic surgery, i really respect them! Becoz they are dared enough to take the risk!

I would say that, a plastic surgery sometimes will not 100% successful! It may fail!

If you are lucky, you may become more prettier than before, but if you are unlucky, it could turn your good look into FUGLY!

A successful example, Dawn Yang.
dawn yang before Surgery
Dawn Yang before plastic Surgery
Before Dawn Yang / Dawn Yeo did her plastic surgery, she had a big nose and her skin is dark.
dawn yang After Surgery
Dawn Yang after plastic surgery

She now looks much more prettier than before, after she did her plastic surgery.

I have an ex-colleague, he is now nearly 50 year-old, he ever told us that he wanted to do a plastic surgery in Thailand. It costs around RM5000.00. (Face plastic surgery) Is it cheap or not? I am not sure. But 5 thousands is considered quite a lot to me.

As what i have mentioned above, a plastic surgery sometimes may not 100% successful. A fail plastic surgery may turn you into horrifying looks and some even don't quite look like a human beings anymore!

A fail plastic surgery example, Jocelyn Wildenstein.
jocelyn Before & After
Jocelyn was born at 1940 , from Switzerland. She had spent more than $4000,000 for her plastic surgery. See, before she did her plastic surgery, she looks much more prettier than now. I wonder why she dissatisfy with her previous looks.
jocelyn Before & After

After she did several times of plastic surgery, she's now become a CAT WOMAN!
jocelyn-wildenstein Before & After
$4 millions on plastic surgery like this, i would want my money back!

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