EL Sanctuary Home Stay--- Lendu Melaka

Before i start writing about the EL Sanctuary,  here i would like to blog a little bit about the 200 Pounds Beauty 1st. A Korean drama movie.Yeah, i know i am a bit late to blog about this drama coz it is considered as an old drama!! It's a 2006 film.

Last 2 days ago i just started watching it and guess what ? Yesterday i have finished it all!! I seldom watch drama series. After i graduated from university, i have totally stopped watching drama movies!! This is the 1st drama that i watched after i graduated. Lol. :p

200 Pounds Beauty is a comedy + sentimental film. The story tells the tale about an overweight girl who undergoes extreme plastic surgeries to become a pop sensation.
 Before and after Hanna did her plastic surgeries
Kim Ah Joong---Somehow she looks like Eva Huang huh?
 I cried when watching this drama.Yes, i cried. It touched my heart, seriously. :)

Luv this drama's song!! Called" MARIA"!  Check out the video below.

Maria from Kim Ah Joong
200 Pounds Beauty is now one of my favorite drama movies!! :p
Went to EL- Sanctuary Home Stay yesterday!

EL Sanctuary Home Stay is a newly-built retiring home for the elders, with fully equipped facilities and a friendly + relaxing environment.

This was my 1st time i came here. It is located in a rural place in Lendu Alor Gajah Melaka.How rural? See the picture below.
Path to the EL-Sanctuary Home Stay. Surrounding by the palm trees.

After 8 minutes driving from Rembia T junction, finally we reached the  EL-Sanctuary Home Stay. EL is located at up on a hill. So there is peace and serene!
A field suitable for activities during camps.According to the staff there, campfires can be arranged by them at no cost at all!!
A hall
Chalets. Luv all the chalets here, they're so incredible unique!!
EL-Sanctuary Home Stay's Cafe~
I am wonder how it looks like during night time. I guess it must be damn weird here!! Coz during daytime, the cafe is already felt weird. No wonder the local people here call this place(hill) as "Bukit Hantu"!! If it is translated into English, it's called" Haunted Hill"!
So many antique items in this cafe
Antique items as a decor
Antique phone!
See, so many dogs look after the home stay!!
All the dogs here are tame~
The white puppy is so adorable! I felt like wanted to take it back home. Lol.

Luv this place? Pls do not hesitate to contact me here for more info.