Urut Batin Malaysia

If u dunno, Urut Batin is a traditional Malay manhood massage. It is a popular manhood massage in whole Malaysia or Indonesia.  Urut means MASSAGE while Batin means inner. In Conclusion, urut batin is a massage to release the trapped air in our inner body and the massage make the penis blood circulation more efficient.

Recently, more and more men in M'sia are care about their penis size. They are using many methods to increase size of their penis, for instance using penis pump, consume vimax pills, extender, etc. But do all these will really increase their penis size?? I dunno. No scientific proof to prove that all the methods are works.

Urut Batin really can increase size of man penis?  Well, i think urut batin is to improve the blood circulation in man penis, it actually doesn't contribute to size of penis. Many people claimed that the massage will increase the size of penis, this is because when blood circulation is good in man penis, so it will make the penis fully erect, so it looks more bigger, that's what their meant.

How to URUT BATIN? If you want to learn URUT BATIN, here is the guide video:


Kim Kardashian Braless In London

Here is Kim Kardashian braless and wearing a fully see through black dress while leaving her hotel in London. Kim Kardashian want you to see her boobs so play along. Enjoy!

Malaysian Man Gets Penis Stuck in a Cock Ring For 12 Hours (Video)

The unlucky 20 years old individual had a ring on his penis for 12 hours before it was removed.

He reportedly tried to remove the ring but had to turn to medical experts to have the thing taken off.

Operations commander, Mohd Asrul Naim Abidin, said firemen successfully removed the ring in 10 minutes .


Ghost Footage Video Caught at Phuket Airport Thailand

Izit real or just an edited hoax?


Annabelle Creation

Annabelle is a 2014 American supernatural horror film directed by John R. Leonetti, written by Gary Dauberman and produced by Peter Safran and James Wan. Here the video below is 2014 Annabelle trailer.

I love scary / horror movies much. Can't wait to watch the new Annabelle Creation movie which will realease sometime in Aug this year.

Let's check it out the Annabelle Creation Movie trailer below.

Girls' Hilarious Reactions while Playing VR Games

Let's check it out the hilarious reactions of these 2 girls while playing the VR games in Kuching Vivacity Mall. Funny Max.

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