Fake Rice

A Chinese Restaurant Association recently confirmed that the viral food scandal involving fake rice is true! According to their investigation, the fake rice is made up of potatoes and plastic. Furthermore, it was estimated that three bowls of fake rice amounts to one plastic bag! Ridiculous!

UFO Appeared in Nepal Before Earthquake

This is the hot video that got viral on social media recently!!! It is claimed that the video was taken days before the Nepal earthquake happened.


Who is Jho Low?

I guess most of the people especially Malaysians knew about the person "Jho Low" through the HOT infamous 1MDB news that happened recently in M'sia, but most of you dunno about Jho Low his family background and his personal lifestyle. So here is the post to let u all know him better.

Jho Low was born in Pulau Pinang Malaysia and he is the son of Larry Low who is a Billionaire. His real name is Low Taek Jho, 33 years old.

Jho Low and his dad Larry Low

Jho Low is a main architect of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), formerly known as Lembaga Pelaburan Terengganu (TIA) 

He is the IMPORTANT PERSON of UBG Berhad owned by Tan Sri Abdul Mahmud (former chief minister of Sarawak)

Started a business called "Wynton Group" with the beginning modal RM92.8 millions with his business partners from Arab and south east Asia while he was still studying at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The company now worth USD1 billion.

With Riza Aziz, step son of Datuk Seri Najib, bought a luxury condo in Time Warner Center at central of New York worth RM117 millions.

Support the Riza film company, Red Granite Pictures , produced a film called " The Wolf of Wall Street" starred by Leonardo DiCaprio in 2013 and "Dumb and Dumber to" in 2014.

Partying with Hollywood hot star, Paris Hilton, at Saint Tropez France in 2010

 Good relationship with Hollywood singers and artists, such as Usher, Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx etc

Linsay Lohan- In her 23 year-old birthday at one of the bars in New York City, she received 23 crystal bottles surprisingly during her birthday party with the note " Mystery Man from Malaysia", the gift was claimed presented by Jho Low.

Celebrated his 28th birthday with Megan Fox at LA.

Spent RM2 millions in engagement proposal with Elva (萧亚轩) in Dubai.  However, his proposal was rejected by Elva.

Proton New Sports Cars

Proton new sports cars called "PROTON FERRARI & PROTON LAMBORGHINI" .

What do u think about these cars? Pretty cool huh?