Kellie's Castle Ghost Picture!!

I was in a dilemma actually whether wanna post this picture anot. After thinking a while, finally decided to post it today. (The picture was taken in last month, March 2015)

What u saw?

Alvin Tan "Hina Azan"

Here is the video of Alvin Tan whom Insulting Muslim Azan.

"Lol. When i did Azan Video, you all said i insulted Muslim. You all shown your anger as if you all protecting Muslim. When Azan is on air, all Muslims made dunno! "
Tweet from Alvin Tan 

Digusting Food

Would you eat these maggots??

 These maggots were selling at Danok night market.

 Grasshopper ??


Water View Restaurant Danok

I had been to Danok quite several times, but each time trip was very rushing so didn't manage to have a meal at Water View Restaurant. Thanks god cos this time finally i managed having a lunch here.

To get here, u can take a van or taxi and pay for RM3 / 30 Baht per person. The restaurant located in the rubble estate. It's about 5km from Danok town. Actually it's just at behind the border custom Danok.

 The main entrance of Water View Restaurant Danok

 Bunch of us. We all were the 1st time been here 

 Nice and serene lake 

 All the dishes we ordered were delivered by boat. So unique huh!!

 My favorite "Tomyam Gong "

 Fried Water Spinach 

Fried Eggs
Fried Squids

Total bill for our meals = RM103.50 plus drinks. 

Ghostly Kellie's Castle

From the title, it tells you that the castle is haunted and it even listed top 10 the most spookiest and haunted castle in the world.

Kellie's castle is located at Batu Gajah Perak. It takes approximately 30 minutes from Ipoh, the capital city of Perak state.

I always wanted to come here since many years ago after i watched a documentary show from Taiwan. It caught my attention becoz of its gorgeous castle and interesting stories about the castle. You can read it here about the castle's history.

We went there in the morning and nearly afternoon, so it was not spooky much even we enter inside the underground.

Let's the photos do the talking!!

Even it's more than 100 years-old, but it still looks great and gorgeous!

It is said that during evening time after sunset, here the corridor will appear a woman shadow. It is believed that the woman was Kellie's wife.

Bunch of us