Kawah Putih Bandung, Indonesia

The main reason i went to Bandung was becos of wanted to visit Kawah Putih. I've heard a lot of people talked about the place. Some of them said that this place is cursed and the lake water would turn red if disaster gonna happen in Indonesia. I am not sure whether its true anot, but i guess that's just a rumor.

Kawah Putih is a gorgeous volcanic crater. The Lake is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha, an andesitic stratovolcano.  The Kawah Putih site was opened to visitors in 1987. The lake is 2,430 meters above sea level so the local climate is often quite chilly (temperatures are frequently around 10 degrees celsius).

The entrance fee to Kawah Putih is 50k Rupiah for foregin visitor and 15k Rupiah for local. (Wtf doubled up the price so much for foreign visitors. lol) The entrance fee is vary, it depends on which country u are from. If you're from Singapore, then the price would be 75k Rupiah. If you're from Europe countries or UK, then i guess the price would be100k Rupiah.

Let's the pictures do the talking about Kawah Putih!!

 The view of Kawah Putih Lake from top of the hill

There is a cage out there, but no visitors are allowed to enter inside. I have no idea whats inside there.
Beautiful view huh?

Tangkuban Parahu Bandung Indonesia

A couple of weeks ago, i went to Bandung with my uni friends. This was an ad hoc trip. And it was my 1st time i been to Bandung and i personally think that the trip was quite nice & yet cheap. Return flight ticket plus 5 stars hotel for only RM465, 3 days 2 night. (~ 150 usd)
Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel Bandung Indonesia

Due to Bandung landscape is more higher than other cities such as Jakarta or Semarang, so the weather here is much more cooler than other places in Indon.

On 1st day of our trip, we had been to Tangkuban Parahu aka Kawah Ratu. It is a dormant volcano 30 km north of the city of Bandung, It last erupted in 1983, so it's an active volcano yet. Entrance fee to Kawah Ratu is 15kRp per head.

Life is hard in Indonesia, therefore many Indonesians even they're over 50 or 60,  you can see them everywhere still struggling for their life. 

The most tourists in Bandung i noticed were Malaysians and Singaporeans. Actually you rarely seen Arabians or Caucasians here.
The food here is quite similar with Malaysian/Singaporean food, so no problem for us. If you're from Malaysia, Singapore or Brunei country, food and language is not a problem for us, cos the Malay language is quite similar with Indonesian language. 

Alvin Tan Opinions About UMNO

His written post:

"I'm aware that it's childish, bitter, and even stale to keep attacking UMNO. Trust me, I'll move on and focus on life in America soon enough. It's just that those days when they arrested me, the way when two dozen gun-carrying policemen came to my house and behaved like gangsters, the way they treated me in jail, how hundreds of people hurled death threats at me, and how they caused me to put my life on hold and suffer immeasurable stress under the cloud of 3 to 4 years of impending jail sentence hovering over my head for almost a year are still very fresh in my mind.

What's worse, they're doing the same thing so rampantly now to so many people who deserve it much less than me. Here's what usually happens:

1) Someone says something against the government, Islam, Malays, etc. (however you put it, these are all political opinions) on the internet or in a public space.

2) Government supporters then start tagging their beloved leaders on Facebook/Twitter to alert them of "sedition" going on or making police reports.

3) The person gets arrested, prosecuted, and, not unexpectedly, convicted and jailed under the Sedition Act.

People can't say anything anymore these days, because these BN cyber troopers are so hard at work. I know how it feels when you say something reasonable on social media and then have some pro-government supporters tagging Zahid Hamidi or the IGP -- it freaks the shit out of you. Everyone is living in fear and just keeps quiet these days to avoid trouble. This is classic police state climate, not unlike V for Vendetta.

Malaysians really don't deserve this. We pay our taxes, contribute to the community, spend money locally to make the economy work, waste our money and children's time by making them learn Malay, a language devoid of economic or cultural value, and we're forced to resign to living in fear. What the fuck? This is grossly unfair.

So why am I so brash in attacking UMNO?

1) First, I can be civil and write well-reasoned pieces, but those never ever go viral. There is a Chinese saying (曲高和寡), which means that a complex message will only reach very few people, because most people aren't smart. If I need something to spread, it needs to be dumbed down all the way, just like this: "Fuck UMNO" -- short, sweet, and to the point.

2) I want to expose the toothlessness and helplessness of UMNO in an international, cross-border situation. Those tyrants are so used to abusing the law, police, and media to bully and oppress the people within the Malaysian borders that they've grown complacent, emboldened by the lack of serious opposition locally to their repressive tactics. They know that they'll just look like utter fools if they try to extradite political exiles from first-world countries like the US and UK; these first-world countries will never do it. Imagine the international media outrage should they comply with a known totalitarian government like UMNO. My existence -- as grotesque and unpalatable and like sand in the vagina as it is -- serves to remind them that they're not omnipotent. It brings them down to the ground and causes them to reflect.

3) I want to alert Malaysians to the importance of not wasting your life in Malaysia. Some of you whom I know are so smart, talented, hardworking, and with a positive outlook in life that it's a grave injustice for you guys to spend your years in a festering cesspool of shit like Malaysia, especially your valuable youthful years. MANY OTHER BETTER COUNTRIES WANT YOU. You just need to figure out the immigration hoops to jump through. I did.

Don't waste your life fighting the system, because, don't forget, every passing second is a countdown towards your death. Put all your resources towards figuring out how to stay permanently in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. There's a big, big world out there. You guys deserve to live large for your 20s in real cosmopolitan cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, London, Melbourne, etc. You're well-educated, worldly, and yearning for a better life; don't settle for less.

And please stop listening to Pakatan Rakyat leaders asking you to stay back and fight for "change" -- you know better than to be political pawns. Life is about having fun, going after what/who you love, maybe nurturing a family, not participating politically without reaping the political perks. Unless you're going to rise up the ranks like Lim Guan Eng, Azmin Ali, Nurul Izzah, and Anwar Ibrahim, don't waste your time being someone else's political tool, especially just because you hate UMNO/BN.

Hating BN is one thing. The opposite of supporting BN is not supporting Pakatan Rakyat. The opposite of supporting BN is moving out permanently and stop wasting precious time. By all means, be a good citizen and cast your vote, but do it from abroad. You don't have to live in Malaysia to support Pakatan Rakyat.

4) Lastly, I did it just to checkmate UMNO. The reason I keep riding their backs is to corner them. If they over-react and pile on more charges, they're simply strengthening my case for asylum. If they don't react (which they shouldn't, because it'll just expose their impotence), they lose face and look like idiots. After jailing powerful opposition members, activists, lawyers, journalists, and academicians, they don't even have the means to punish one mere Bah Kut Teh-cum-sex addict.

In any case, trying to extradite me will really embarrass them. I bet they don't have the cheek to do that; governments like the US and UK will never risk an international media scandal extraditing political exiles back to countries where they might face torture, harm, or prolonged incarceration. The only means to get me is to hire a killer or deal under the table. That... well, I'm willing to take the risk.  "

Alvin Tan & Vivian Lee Naked Pictures & videos Leaked

Alvin Tan (sex blogger) Insults Malaysian Acts, Umno Party & Politicians

Recent post from Alvin Tan, sex blogger from Malaysia. Insulting Malaysian Acts, Umno Party and politicians.

"Recently, so many people have been harassed, arrested, interrogated, prosecuted, convicted, and even jailed under the Sedition Act in Malaysia -- and I'm talking by the dozens. I can understand prosecuting political opponents for saying things; that's just business as usual, typical of the desperate UMNO pigs with the enthusiasm and fervor to do just about anything to stay in power except governing the country properly.

But when they arrest activists, lawyers, journalists, religious leaders, and even professors and ordinary people expressing opinions on social media, they're declaring an all-out war on everyone and everything that the Malaysian people stand for. This is CLASSIC totalitarianism: silencing dissent to maintain power through fear, intimidation, and violation of human rights.

When I read these reports, I was completely FURIOUS, my blood reaching boiling point, and then more. You fucking cowardly tyrants, always using the machinery of the state to ruin people's lives just because your egos are challenged and feelings are hurt. OH BOO-HOO, SOMEONE CALLED US "UMNO CELAKA" OR "NAZI." Go cry to mummy. I tell you what, you UMNO swine, I'll say whatever I damn well please, so here is me saying on the record:

- Najib Razak, you're ball-less chicken shit, for allowing all these to happen just so that you can cling on to the top post.

- Zahid Hamidi, you're the closest thing to true evil, and your day will come. I promise. There will be no mercy (tip: google "Qaddafi").

- Yes, Khalid Abu Bakar, you're like the Nazi SS Head Heinrich Himmler, no less, and let me tell you why: because you abused your power just because someone called you names you didn't like. You're a bully, a coward, and a heartless mother fucker.

- Abdul Gani Patail, I hope you feel proud for being the biggest conspirator in all these bullshit prosecutions. You, along with the IGP and Home Minister, are in for some major D-Day, and I'm not talking about merely being voted out of power or being imprisoned.



So why did I break my silence? People say that I'm an idiot for speaking up before my asylum claim is approved, just like how they called me an idiot for starting my sex blog before graduating from law school. Sure, if I wanted to just cover my ass and save my own skin and keep my mother happy, that's exactly what I should have done and just focus on my present life in America. After all, the last thing I want to be is one of those exiled dissidents who is forever attacking his home country from abroad, bitter and jaded and never really settling down and starting a new life overseas (hello, Gopalan Nair).

But if people like me don't speak up and expose these jerks for the cold, inhumane excrement that they are, who else is going to do it? Everyone in Malaysia lives in fear these days. Journalists, lawyers, activists, people in coffee houses, and even brazen fucks like Namewee have to be very, very careful about what they say these days, in case they get targeted.

If I keep quiet now just to cover my own backside, in this crucial moment when most of my fellow Malaysians are disenfranchised, dispirited, and effectively dismembered, IT IS DEEPLY UNETHICAL.

Now, you can say be cynical and question my motives, like, "Yeah right, for real, you want to speak up for the rights of Malaysians." I tell you what. Despite still having remnants of anger at the Malaysian public for supporting my imprisonment under the Sedition Act for the Ramadhan pork episode, the Malaysian public is starting to see the light on what I, along with the Malay Mail's reporter, Boo Su-Lyn, have been consistently advocating since forever -- that speech, ESPECIALLY when it's offensive, should not be regulated, because any hate speech law will ALWAYS be used for unjust censorship and to perpetuate tyranny -- 100% of the time.

You can have laws that prevent offensive words from being uttered, but, at the end of the day, it is UMNO who decides what is offensive. At least we have now progressed from saying "oh, the Sedition Act is unfair because it's applied selectively" to "the Sedition Act is unjust no matter how you apply it, it should be abolished." And I'm proud that we've come to that stage, because it shows political maturity as a populace in understanding that governments (and the laws they produce) are by default not to be trusted.

As many prosecutions as they want to engineer, they will never win, ultimately, because we won't stop, and they'll be shocked to discover that Malaysians are more courageous and resilient than those evil fucks could ever imagine. Keep the fight alive."

Now, Alvin Tan is in America. 

Alvin Tan posted a picture on FB just a couple of hours ago. He photoshopped Malaysian Prime Minister and his wife, and some ministers became a PIG yet even tagged them! Lol. This is over!! 

What's Wrong With TM Streamyx Recently?

I dunno what's the matter with TM Streamyx Broadband recently, these 2-3 months, my Streamyx line is so unstable! Although it shown that the Wifi is connected, but it was no internet access! Every time if this is happened, i would turn off my Wifi modem and restart it again. Yes, it works. But only for few hours (if you're luckily) or maybe few minutes!! It really pissed me off i swear.

You maybe ask, "Why don't you complain and report to TM?" Well, I used to. Even my friend used to complain it and the TM fellas had gone to her house to do the modem setting, (i heard my friend said, they just changed the password), but what they've done equal to 0! It still happened again and again to my friend.

Like just now, i have made a call to TM. Hopefully that they can solve this problem. I asked the customer service fella to check my streamyx line, but i had waited for 20 minutes, in the end the answer she given was" Sorry sir, we can't detect the problem u complaint. " I was felt like what the...$#$@#$@#%.

I dunno whether it happened to you anot, but if this problem is still occurred, i will definitely cut the streamyx line and change to other service provider. I give them till end of this month.