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Windows Genuine Serial Key or CD Key

Everytime i saw my friends sent their PC or laptop for formatting at computer shop, i will ask them, "did the shop install the genuine Windows to your computer? ". Actually i knew the answer but just wanna remind my friends try to avoid install pirated Windows. I always told them, installed a genuine windows is good, so everytime there is an update from Windows, u will benefit from it, yet you will got the windows firewall, windows defender & antivirus which are available in Windows 7 and 10, which all of them only be available for you if you are using Genuine Windows, Pirated Windows will not be able to use that, enable them will block your Windows from running smoothly.

I know people always thought that buying an original genuine Windows is bloody expensive which cost u hundreds of ringgit. Yes, it might expensive, but what if it can protect your computer FOR EVER? You can re-install unlimited for one PC. And of course if your PC is damaged and you plan to buy a new hardisk or CPU, you actually can re-install back your that Windows. So you don't need have to waste hundreds of bucks again for that Genuine Windows. 

Buying a Genuine Windows is not expensive actually. You actually can download it only from Microsoft Windows site, then all you need to buy is that genuine product or CD or serial key! That key is only 10+ bucks USD. If you want the Windows CD and box, of course it might be more expensive abit. But what for? All you need is the Windows serial key.

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Check PTPTN Blacklist

Hi guys, are you a PTPTN borrower?  I find it a bit hard to figure out the right website & online portal to check PTPTN. Therefore I thought of sharing with you guys after I found it. Here is the link click here , all you need is just your I.C number, Tel number and email.  It is better to check your status whether u are blacklisted anot before you travel oversea to avoid inconvenience matter happens.

Uber Driver Malaysia - Make Additional RM4000 Per Month

One of the biggest issues about living in Malaysia is that you need personal transport to get around. Without a car, you are pretty much stuck with the various public transport options such as taxis. And even that in Kuala Lumpur is not that accessible, and neither is it cheap. Never mind all the stories about how there are errant and rude drivers, along with all the taxi scams.
Luckily, there’s now a more affordable option: UberX. In case you are unfamiliar with UberX, the app allows you to request for a driver who picks you up and drops you off at the location of your choice. Other than providing a safer option for passengers, it is also considerably cheaper than normal taxis in KL — a substantial 30% – 40% fare difference.
So for the past few days, I’ve been getting around town using UberX because of its reliability and affordability. I’m a happy passenger and user of UberX in KL, and drivers that I have spoken to are satisfied with Uber as well.
UberX Malaysia


One of the biggest draw for drivers to join Uber is that it offers them flexible working hours. This allows them to work part time and drive as and when they want. Speaking with UberX drivers in Malaysia over the past few days, I found that most, if not all of them, are driving passengers on a part time basis in between jobs or after working hours.
At least two of the drivers I spoke to picked me up during their working hours, while shuffling between meetings or returning from lunch. Another one drove me to my location because his business was seeing an idle and slow period. As a passenger and fellow Malaysian, I’m happy for the drivers; if I were their employers, though, I might not be that happy about it.


Driving with Uber brings in good money too: according to UberX drivers, Uber pays them RM15 per trip (and RM20 during peak hours), minus the fare collected from passengers. From my understanding, this means that for a trip that makes RM5, Uber will take 20% of that, paying the remaining 80% to the driver. On top of the 80% payout (RM4), Uber will top up RM11 to make the total payout to drivers RM15. Because of this, a part time driver who makes 10 trips per evening can easily earn up to RM1,000 per week, or RM4000 per month in additional disposable income.
uber malaysia
Unlike traditional taxi companies, where licensed drivers need to pay between RM50 and RM65 daily for the taxi permit, driving with Uber involves a lot less trouble: you only need to have your own transportation and the Uber driver app, and you are good to pick up your first customers.
Unlike normal cab drivers, who reportedly brought home disappointingly low net income, UberX seems more like the Robin Hood for Malaysia’s distraught drivers now. According to a report on The Malaysian Insider, R. Silvarajoo, 60, who drove a taxi for 16 years, said he could only bring home RM1,120 to RM1,200 for his family of six. The amount would be less if he had an emergency or got involved in an accident. The RM150 he earned daily would be used to the permit rental of RM55, fuel (RM44), his own meals (RM11), leaving about RM40 for his family.
One thing’s for sure: more and more drivers are signing up to be UberX drivers. Would this impact the taxi scene? Maybe, maybe not, given that the number of UberX drivers are far less than the number of licensed taxi drivers in KL. One thing I do know, though, is that UberX is my default transport option in KL.

Gunung Jerai Kedah

Came to fetch my wife at Jitra last week.

It such a long time i didnt come to Kedah. I miss Kedah actually, becoz i was graduated here in UUM at Sintok. I didn't have much time to visit UUM for this trip, after fetched my wife, we went to Gunung Jerai directly.

Before we off to Gunung Jerai, dropped at one of the famous Thai restaurants in Jitra, its called Utara 5 Restaurant, it just located at the main roadside in Jitra town.

If you came to the North of M'sia, the must eat food is...Tomyam! 

Everytime i came here, either Kedah or Perlis, i sure will order their tomyam. Although in southern M'sia has lotsa Tomyam Restaurants, but the taste abit different. 

From Jitra to Gunung Jerai, it takes approximately 30-45 mins to reach the foothill. Depends on the speed of ur driving.

From foothill to top Gunung Jerai, it takes about 15 mins.

Here is the parking space for the visitors who don't want to drive to top of the hill but take van instead.

Well, serious to say, this was my 1st time i came here, Gunung Jerai, although i had been here in Kedah for 3 years in 2003 to 2006. The reason why i didn't come during that time is becoz i thought that Gunung Jerai is just a normal hill and nothing attractive. I thought it was hot too at the top. After i been here last week, i just realized that i was wrong!! The hill is cold, beautiful and rich of faunas!! I regret that i didn't come here early, perhaps 10 yrs ago, i guess 10 yrs ago, here the air must be more cooler and the view must be more gorgeous. 
If you plan to stay at Gunung Jerai, well, there is only one hotel which allows u to stay, its The Regency Jerai Hill Resort. One night stay is RM280 with breakfast (the cheapest one).
There are few types of accommodations to let u choose in Regency Jerai Hill Resort. Price range from RM280- 455. 
Besides you can breath the fresh air yet can see all those beautiful flowers and plants. There is a botanical park in the Mount Jerai, the entrance fee is RM10 for adult and RM5 for children.
This is an orchid if not mistaken

GETTING THERE By road: On the North-South Expressway, take the Gurun exit. From Gurun town, turn towards Alor Star. Access to Gunung Jerai is two km from town and five from exit.

From foot of Mount Jerai to Peranginan Gunung Jerai resort. Vans drive the 13 km route to the resort. Van service can also be used by those not staying at the resort.

By air to Alor Star: Malaysia Airlines flies daily to the Kedah capital. Airport transfers available from Sultan Abdul Halim Airport to Peranginan Gunung Jerai. Other nearest airport is the Penang International Airport.