Astro Malaysia Service is Sucks!

Okay, let me tell u the whole scenerio. 

I installed my Astro Njoi on 31 March 2016 last month. Then i activated it on 4.4.2016 early of this month. Unfortunately my Astro Njoi can't connect to TV2..TV3 and 8TV. I only can receive channel TV1 and NTV7. I mean the free channels frm Msia not Astro channels. The Astro channels mostly all can receive, but not all. Due to i am always watching 8TV Hokkien dramas, so 8TV is important to me, there are so many my favorite dramas on that channel.

I made a call and reported my problem to Astro on 5.04.2016. The customer service consultant promised that they will send a technician to my house within 24 hours to solve my problem. Then i waited for 3 days but no one has come. 

So 3 days later i made a call again. I made 2 calls on that day. 1st call, while i given my complain numbers then suddenly the phone line cut off. So i re-called again. A lady customer service consultant picked up my phone again. I told her everything n asked y no technician comes to solve my problem, she said my report was sent to Melaka Branch but she've no idea y no technician is sent to my house to check my problem. Then she said she will make a call to Melaka branch to check whats going on n promised me again will solve my problem asap.

I've waiting weeks time till today yet not receive any call from Astro nor Astro technician is come. This morning i called again. While i asked d reason y weeks n almost a month but they still no send technician to my house, then d line cut off again!! This time i am pretty sure that they hang up my call purposely just becoz they couldn't answer my question?

Pls, i am not using mobile phone to call the Astro customer service but i was using my home fixed line. So dont make any excuse that my phone line's problem. Even though if i am using mobile line to call, i don't think so d phone line will suddenly cut off for no reason since my house here area coverage is 4G. After the cut off, i really felt frustrated and pissed off! I decided not to call again and intended to make a complain letter. 

Im not a person of simply slandering. If u are Astro fellas or any Astro staffs, u probably can check my report no 1629104880 . See how long u guys ignore a customer complaint. I felt really disappointed with Astro alot! Wat i can say is...their service is so bad n lousy. Their problem solving is worst.

Siem Reap, Cambodia, Asia

Angkor Wat is a place which i wanted to go since many years ago. I was so attracted by its unique and gorgeous temple. Last year, finally i got there!!!See my taken pic below of Angkor Wat, Isn't it look gorgeous huh?

If are planning to have a leisure travel but not a tiring trip, then Siem Reap probably not a good choice for you, because you needa walk alot and climb temple rock staircase. I swear its quite tiring yet the weather there is too hot all year!! Remember to wear jacket, cap and sun protection cream.

If you wanna have a cheap trip in Siem Reap, then you can save in transportation part. My suggestion is, you can rent a Tuk Tuk which cost u around 15 usd for whole day ( 8 hours). For a Tuk Tuk, max persons can sit are 4 adults. Depends on the size of that person. If over 100 kg, then only 2 persons.

There are small circle and big circle in Angkor. What does it means with the big and small circle actually? Well, small circle means only cover a small area of the angkor. Angkor wat is in that small circle. Then Big circle is that whole Angkor Thom. You can separate 2 days to go these 2 circles. Either u can choose 1st day to small circle or big circle. My advise is 1st day to small circle, coz it covers Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is the most famous temple in Cambodia, therefore, my suggestion is go there 1st. The entrance fee for 5 days pass in Angkor (big and small circle) cost at 40 usd.

The Whole Angkor, there are alot alot temples which look similar. I have no idea how many temples out there. But for sure, if u wanna visit each of the temple, make sure your legs are strong enough and won't exhaust easily.

For dressing code, actually not one will block u if u wear a singlet. But for respect to their cultures and religion, make sure do not wear too over expose clothes.

Here is the internal view of Angkor wat.
Angkor Wat exterior view

As i said earlier, there are actually quite alot of temples in Angkor which are similar, but of course got some temples which are outstanding than the others. Besides Angkor Wat, the next famous temple is called " Ta Phrom".  The special about Ta Phrom is its giant tree which its root grow against the temple walls. 
Ta Phrom Temple 

The another famous temple is Bayon. The special about Bayon is its  FOUR FACES buddha .

In Siem Reap, Besides temples, you actually can visit other places such as Tonle Sap Lake. Its a floating village in Siem Reap. At here, you can explore the living life of the local people. 

Children on boat in Tonle Sap Lake 
As you can see the picture above,the villagers in Tonle Sap Lake cooking using wood, their living conditions were bad. Their houses are either made by dried palm leaves or bamboos. After visited Tonle Sap Lake, i just realized that how fortunate am i. I should appreciate what i have had now.  

The house in floating village at Tonle Sap Lake Siem Reap.

Gadis Berusia 16 Tahun Main 3P Dalam Kereta


Remaja gadis berusia 16 tahun melakukan perbuatan sumbang mahram dengan 2 lelaki dalam kereta pada siang hari di Sarawak Malaysia. Perbuatan Seks 3P mereka dalam kereta akhirnya berjaya ditangkap oleh polis dan penguatkuasa Jabatan Agama Islam Sarawak. 

Paris Terror Attacks 2015


The night was chilly but thick with excitement as the big match between France’s national soccer team and archrival Germany was underway at the national stadium in a northern suburb of Paris. President François Hollande watched with the crowd as the French players pushed the ball across midfield.

Then came the sharp, unmistakable crack of an explosion, overwhelming the roar of the crowd. A stunned moment passed. Players and spectators seemed confused, and eventually the awful realization swept through the stadium: Terror, for the second time this year, had struck Paris.

The symmetry could not be more jarring. A Parisian year that began with the bloodshed and chaos of the terrorist attacks at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and later at a Jewish grocery now had an even deadlier coda: With events still fluid and exact details unclear, the authorities said more than 100 people had been killed in a series of attacks across Paris. And dozens of people were taken hostage at a Parisian theater.

Facebook Banned Alvin Tan Fanpage

Finally Facebook is deleted Alvin Tan Fanpage account yesterday.

After a string of controversial posts, blogger Alvin Tan (pic) has now found that his Facebook page has been removed.

Alvin Tan, 26, confirmed it on his personal Facebook account. “My VERIFIED BADGE Facebook Page has been permanently banned,” he said on his page.

On Friday, Bernama reported that five police reports were made in Johor against the controversial blogger for insulting Islam on Facebook. Acting Johor police chief Datuk Ramli Hassan said police also received reports on Tan's provocative action that was spread on social media showing him using the Quran as toilet paper.

Alvin Tan is now residing in Los Angeles, United States, where he is seeking political asylum after jumping bail in Malaysia. Tan and his co-blogger Vivian Lee, 25, claimed trial last year to three charges under the Film Censorship Act, Sedition Act and the Penal Code. Both still face two charges under the Film Censorship Act and Sedition Act for a “Ramadan greeting” that was posted on their blog last year.