Ayam Percik Pak Hassan In Felda Hutan Percha Melaka

Had been heard about this Ayam Percik since 4 or 5 years ago from my ex-colleague, but i had never been there before until today. So this evening at 4pm, i have asked my friend to accompany me to here to taste the famous Ayam Percik in Felda Hutan Percha. Aka Ayam Percik Pak Hassan.

The journey from my house to Hutan Percha takes about 25 minutes. Not so far actually, unless you're staying at far away from Melaka or Tampin. If you're come from Tampin to Hutan Percha, u only have to take about 15 minutes to arrive there.
Along the way to Hutan Percha is so damn rural i swear!! Few of houses along the way and wat u only can see is JUNGLE!!
Still have another 3km to go. 
U know i like to drive on the rural roads coz there are no jam at all!! Hate traffic jam a lot!!
After u see this huge gate,  then u are almost arrive. After the gate, turn left and go straight a bit (about 20m) then u are arrived the destination. The stall is very obvious to spot. You will see a big banner hanging outside of a house. That's the Pak Hassan house!!
Pak Hassan house. 
Ayam Percik Pak Hassan!!! Hmmm, yummy yummy!! It tasted good and quite different with the night market one. What is so special about this Ayam Percik is its "Kuah" .(sauce)  1 Pc- 2.50 bucks!
Would probably come here again after CNY!!
Random Photos from Supplier's Annual Dinner!!
Gifts gotten from the annual dinner.
Grabbed the Photos from Alece Xandra's FB !!
The photo a bit blur
 Miss Wai, me & Alece Xandra!! Both of these girls are sexy n gorgeous huh??
James Bond!!! Haha.. Hilarious max!!

I didn't know u all notice or not,  the photos taken from Olympus, Sony, BenQ camera are suck!!  If u are planning to buy yourself a new digital camera, my advise is, buy  LUMIX OR CANON camera!! Both of these brands' camera are good. That's what i have discovered, coz i used to use all the brands camera that i have mentioned above. The most lousy camera is BenQ. Second- Sony, third- Olympus!!! That's my view.Anyway, the choice is right on ur hand!! You don't have to listen to me.