Nong Poy Before & After Plastic Surgery

Sometimes i think that if you want to be famous, u have to do an extra-ordinary thing!

So what is an extra-ordinary thing that i meant?? Well, maybe you can drink a shake-milk which is added with tadpoles, then you can record it and upload to YouTube. Who knows you can be a famous star and maybe a lot of international medias will interview you?? Perhaps CNN??

Same goes to business world, if you want to make a lot of money, you have to sell unique products or services which are different with other products available in market.

But today i am not going to teach you how to become a famous person or how to become a successful business man, because i am not qualify at all and PLS , i am not willing to drink a shake-milk which is added with tadpoles to become famous and i have no idea about what unique product that i can sell in the market. If i know, i could be a millionaires!!!

Okay dudes, do you know about Nong Poy??

Well, i think some of you might know who is she and if you dunno her, never mind! Becoz today i am gonna blog about her.

As what i have stated at above, if you want to be famous, you have to do an extra-ordinary thing. Like Nong Poy, she did. What extra-ordinary thing that she did?? It's SEX CHANGE SURGERY!!!

Nong Poy is from Thailand. As a child, Poy saw herself as a girl, but in front of her parents, she had to pretend and live as a boy. She felt disgusted by her ‘male organ’, so at the age of 21, she underwent sex change surgery and since then, she feels as if she has been reborn .


Nong Poy before sex change surgery
Nong Poy after sex change surgery
Unbelievable, she looks gorgeous after she became a GIRL!

Check it out her video below