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Leng Yein Before and After Surgeries

Leng Yein is a pianist since she was 5 years old. With her Classical Music background and being bilingual, her DJ career had toured her to USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries.

The Kuantan-born personality first entered the public sphere when she was crowned Miss Pahang at 18, before becoming a finalist at the 2003 Miss Malaysia.

She began modelling at the same age and competed in pageants for several years.

For a time, she was considered Malaysia’s “car queen”, courtesy of owning a pink Hummer and doing a number of racy shoots for motoring magazines.

Yein has also made frequent appearances as cover girl on publications such as FHM, where she earned the title “Most Wanted Woman in Malaysia” in 2015.

These are just a handful of a number of ventures that she is said to have undertaken. Her talents extend to singing and acting as well. It is written on various blogs that she owns multiple businesses that include a fashion accessories store, tattoo parlour, beauty salon and mamak shop in Setapak.

DJing is how she found fame, however, both in Malaysia and regionally.

Yein has performed at venues up and down the country since the 2000s and mixed over in Singapore, Bangkok and Taiwan, where she has dedicated fan bases. One of her earliest gigs was at Zouk KL, a club she has continued to play at over the years.

She shot into the general public eye by speaking openly about undergoing cosmetic surgery. She first got a nose job, followed by breast implants and dimples on her cheeks.

Lein Yein before surgeries photos:

Leng Yein

Leng Yein and her sis Leng Sean

Leng Yein after plastic Surgeries 

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