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Kris Wu (吴亦凡) Officially Sentenced To 13 Years In Jail For Rape

Kris Wu, also known as Wu Yifan, has officially been sentenced to 13 years in jail by a Beijing court.

Last August, it was reported that Kris Wu had been arrested on suspicion of rape and was being detained by Beijing police.

On November 25 local time, the Beijing court sentenced Kris Wu to 13 years in jail for two different offences. Following investigations, the Chaoyang district court determined that Kris Wu was guilty of raping three women between November and December 2020 and would receive a sentence of 11 years and six months. The court explained, “Wu Yifan took advantage of three drunken women…at his home.”

Kris Wu was additionally sentenced a year and 10 months for the “crime of assembling a crowd to engage in sexual promiscuity,” an incident from July 2018 where he, and others, assaulted two women who were also drunk.

After serving all 13 years, Kris Wu will immediately be deported from China to Canada, where he grew up. The court stated, “This decision was made in accordance with the facts, as well as the nature, circumstances, and harmful consequences of the crime.”

The tax bureau also announced that Kris Wu has been ordered to pay 600 million yuan (approximately $83,636,500) for tax-related offences, including hiding personal income. Authorities state that between 2019 and 2020, Kris Wu evaded taxes of 95 million yuan (approximately $13,242,400) and underpaid taxes of 84 million yuan (approximately $11,709,100).

Kris Wu made his debut through EXO in 2012, but he departed the group in 2014 due to issues involving his contract with SM Entertainment. After arbitration in court, SM Entertainment and Kris Wu reached a settlement in which his contract with SM Entertainment would remain valid until 2022, as per his original contract.

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