Gunung Jerai Kedah

Came to fetch my wife at Jitra last week.

It such a long time i didnt come to Kedah. I miss Kedah actually, becoz i was graduated here in UUM at Sintok. I didn't have much time to visit UUM for this trip, after fetched my wife, we went to Gunung Jerai directly.

Before we off to Gunung Jerai, dropped at one of the famous Thai restaurants in Jitra, its called Utara 5 Restaurant, it just located at the main roadside in Jitra town.

If you came to the North of M'sia, the must eat food is...Tomyam! 

Everytime i came here, either Kedah or Perlis, i sure will order their tomyam. Although in southern M'sia has lotsa Tomyam Restaurants, but the taste abit different. 

From Jitra to Gunung Jerai, it takes approximately 30-45 mins to reach the foothill. Depends on the speed of ur driving.

From foothill to top Gunung Jerai, it takes about 15 mins.

Here is the parking space for the visitors who don't want to drive to top of the hill but take van instead.

Well, serious to say, this was my 1st time i came here, Gunung Jerai, although i had been here in Kedah for 3 years in 2003 to 2006. The reason why i didn't come during that time is becoz i thought that Gunung Jerai is just a normal hill and nothing attractive. I thought it was hot too at the top. After i been here last week, i just realized that i was wrong!! The hill is cold, beautiful and rich of faunas!! I regret that i didn't come here early, perhaps 10 yrs ago, i guess 10 yrs ago, here the air must be more cooler and the view must be more gorgeous. 
If you plan to stay at Gunung Jerai, well, there is only one hotel which allows u to stay, its The Regency Jerai Hill Resort. One night stay is RM280 with breakfast (the cheapest one).
There are few types of accommodations to let u choose in Regency Jerai Hill Resort. Price range from RM280- 455. 
Besides you can breath the fresh air yet can see all those beautiful flowers and plants. There is a botanical park in the Mount Jerai, the entrance fee is RM10 for adult and RM5 for children.
This is an orchid if not mistaken

GETTING THERE By road: On the North-South Expressway, take the Gurun exit. From Gurun town, turn towards Alor Star. Access to Gunung Jerai is two km from town and five from exit.

From foot of Mount Jerai to Peranginan Gunung Jerai resort. Vans drive the 13 km route to the resort. Van service can also be used by those not staying at the resort.

By air to Alor Star: Malaysia Airlines flies daily to the Kedah capital. Airport transfers available from Sultan Abdul Halim Airport to Peranginan Gunung Jerai. Other nearest airport is the Penang International Airport.