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Pulau Besar Melaka -A Mystical Island

Since i was young, i already started to hear people talk about the mystery of Pulau Besar Island Melaka. According to Chinese community, they say there have lotsa "DATUKs" and who ever (especial Chinese) wants to visit there, they need to cleanse themselves and be free of alcohol, pork, envy, ill-intent and other mortal vices. Failure to do so may find yourself never to return either due to death by drowning or if you do return you may be mentally disturbed or riddled with bad luck. Spooky!

I wanted to visit Pulau Besar since for many years ago, but none / few people dare to come here especially Chinese people. Till today, many Chinese people still think that eat pork will make a ship / boat capsize , so they afraid to come here, only few of them dare to visit Pulau Besar.

In Pulau Besar Island, you will notice that the most visitors here are Indians-Muslim, especially the Indian-Muslim businessmen. And many Indians (Hindu) and Malays come here too, but Chinese few.

Why many Indian-Muslim businessmen come here since many years ago?? (Please see pics below to get the answer)

Well, the journey to Pulau Besar (2 ways) costs at RM14.00 for adults and RM7.00 for children below 12 years old. You can take the ferry at Anjung Batu Jetty Melaka. It takes about 15 mins only from the Anjung Batu Jetty to Pulau Besar Island.

Okay, let's check out the Pulau Besar pics below:

 Sailing Boulder (Batu Belayar)- Also known as Horse Head Rock (Batu Kepala Kuda)

This Sailing Boulder is a medium sized boulder shaped like a horse head. This boulder is believed to have originated from the depths of the sea before lodging itself on this island. It is also believed that the boulder was used by the 7 siblings to anchor their ship and now it has become the icon of Pulau Besar Island where you can see it when arriving at the jetty.
Pulau Besar Museum
The museum was not open on that day i went there, because the generator didn't work. Oh yeah, i would like to tell you all that the whole island, they're using generator to generate electricity. No TNB here. Very luckily, here got mobile signals, that's the most important to me.

If you have time to explore the entire island, you will notice many buildings, bungalows and chalets that remained abandoned
Tok Janggut's Grave 
(You can see the words in the pic rite??)
Every tomb in Pulau Besar, sure got ppl worship it. 

Tok Putih's Grave
Collect donation??
You will notice that all the tombs in Pulau Besar are longer than normal Malay's tomb. It is said that the longer the tomb is, the more higher spiritual status the person was.

A well. 
I guess there have more than 10 wells in Pulau Besar. You will notice well at everywhere.

This is the most famous tomb in Pulau Besar called" Kubur Sultan Al-Ariffin Sheikh Ismail". Please note that Al-Ariffin was not a SULTAN. Sultan was his name.
 The original tomb was relocated to this well maintained place to protect it from being worshiped by many who's seeking for wishes.

Did you notice the mineral water bottles?? The water are prayed and bring back home as AIR PENAWAR.(Holy Water)

Why the tomb of Al-Ariffin is the most famous tomb in Pulau Besar? Becoz Al-Arrifin was the Rasullulah's great-grandchild. He was a Wali Allah. (In Islam, Wali Allah can be used to denote one vested with the "authority of God." )

Read it to know more..

 These people praying at Arriffin's tomb and then ask “favors” in return for some kind of covenants.

Tomb of Sharifah Rodziah / Siti Sarah
Did u read it?? " There had been several attempts to build a structure at her grave but the end result was destroyed in a storm...." Spooky!

Siti Sarah's Grave

Golf field belonged to Marina Resort. (Marina Resort is not operate anymore)

"Perigi Nenek Kebayan "
Nenek Kebayan was a healer, a herb and flower seller. She was a medicine woman and a midwife. Her well water was said to be magical, and was used to cure illness, spells and for a traditional flower bath.

Beautiful view!
What is that??
Goat fighting
The local citizens using the well water for bathing and drinking.
Please use the SURAU toilet after 12am???!
Tasik Biawak (Lizard Lake). The center rock in the lake is called "Batu Tengkorak".
Pokok Disula 
According to folklore, there was once a couple who was found romantically involved under this tree. As a result of their action, they were caught and were punished to death under the tree. When observing the tree, one may find the left hand of the man hugging his partner under the tree.

selfie pic

Can you spot the Hatten Hotel??

Selfie pic while lying on the beach. Too tired coz of long walked.

I will go there for second time. Becoz i still got few places i didn't manage to visit for this trip. The places i didn't have time to visit are Gua Yunus, Perigi Bunian and Perkampungan Bunian.

Orang Bunian is known as "Invisible People". Orang bunian also known as " Orang Halus". I dunno whether it can be called as GHOST or what. As what i know, Orang Bunian is just an another type of human, but just they're invisible.  Or when a human died, he become a Orang Bunian?? Unexplainable.

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