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Why Limit Your Options??

Before i'm gonna blog something 2day, first of all, i would like to thank you for your all comments regarding the "Would You Marry Outside of Your Race"? posted on Thursday. I am appreciated each comments you wrote. If you haven't leave a comment, pls leave it here.

I found that most of the people they accepted to marry outside of their race. And i totally agreed with one of the commentors as what he wrote.

He said :
"Pretty normal story from my perspective.To limit your special person to your own race is up to you, kinda like if you only like apples and there's nothing wrong with that.Just limits your options and your experiences.But it all comes to personal choice and its all up to you on how you want to live.I myself would marry outside my race as mixing of cultures makes things more interesting and usually compliment each other more than marrying some one from same race. but if i did ever find that some one, the same as me then it wouldn't stop me either."

So why limit your options??

~~~~The End~~~~

I've been living in Malacca for over 20 years, seriously i NEVER EVER stay in either one hotel or resort in Malacca. This was my first time i stayed in a hotel in Malacca. Together with my UUM friends.

We stayed at Everly Resort, also known as Riviera Bay Resort. Check out the pics.

I like beach very much!

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