Make Money Blogging

Is it really can make money with blogging?

There are a lot of bloggers have been claimed that they have earned a lot of money per month.

If you are really put on your efforts and do marketing on your blog, I'm sure that you can get a lot of bucks too. It's not easy to earn more than $1000 per month, actually a lot of efforts you need to put to get the result. At least a year to see the result.

Marketing is the most important part. You need to expose your blog to everyone knows. If not, no one will visit your blog. Indirectly you won't get a single cent if no one is visiting your blog.

There are a lot of successful bloggers, among the successful full time bloggers that i know are John Chow & Shoemoney. You can visit their blogs and learn how to write a good blog.

Below is the table shown that how much every bloggers had earned per month


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