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Malaysia’s BIGGEST 7-Eleven (711) Cafe in Puchong

7-Eleven has taken their game to an entirely new level of ‘top-tierness’. Only five days ago, 7E announced the opening of a new 7-Eleven Café at Bandar Puteri Puchong. But this isn’t just any convenience store; it’s a completely new kind, unlike anything Malaysia has ever seen.

Yes, it is one of the world’s largest store, but that isn’t what makes it so unique. This outlet, which spans two stories, has EVERYTHING. And by everything, we mean:

1. Freshly made bread & pastries from Bengbeng Sourdough
-Biting into a soft and bouncy bread or pastry is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Well, you can do just that because Bengbeng Sourdough is available at this 7E location. Treat yourself to some of their fresh sourdough bread or croissants, and you can thank us later.

2. More yummy options from Niko Neko
-Yes, you read that right. The iconic and well-loved Niko Neko is available at this outlet. Get a drink or a pastry (or both), take a seat in one of their designated seating spaces (there are a few), and just relax.

3.Gift/bookstore from BookXcess
-Not done sipping on your Niko Neko drink? Well, take it with you and let’s go peruse their books and gifts area, which is given to you by BookXcess. You might even want to buy a book right then and there to read as you finish your drink.

4.Lifestyle & beauty products from Boots as well as other Japanese cosmetic brands

-Don’t want to buy a book but you already browsed through all the books and still have that drink in your hand? Don’t worry, just make your way to the beauty or lifestyle section and see what else is available.

The options are endless at this outlet, the possibilities are truly unlimited. There’s always going to be something for you to do or look at to keep yourself entertained!

There is so much more for you to discover at this amazing outlet, like we’ve emphasised time and time again, IT’S HUGE!

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