Windows Genuine Serial Key or CD Key

Everytime i saw my friends sent their PC or laptop for formatting at computer shop, i will ask them, "did the shop install the genuine Windows to your computer? ". Actually i knew the answer but just wanna remind my friends try to avoid install pirated Windows. I always told them, installed a genuine windows is good, so everytime there is an update from Windows, u will benefit from it, yet you will got the windows firewall, windows defender & antivirus which are available in Windows 7 and 10, which all of them only be available for you if you are using Genuine Windows, Pirated Windows will not be able to use that, enable them will block your Windows from running smoothly.

I know people always thought that buying an original genuine Windows is bloody expensive which cost u hundreds of ringgit. Yes, it might expensive, but what if it can protect your computer FOR EVER? You can re-install unlimited for one PC. And of course if your PC is damaged and you plan to buy a new hardisk or CPU, you actually can re-install back your that Windows. So you don't need have to waste hundreds of bucks again for that Genuine Windows. 

Buying a Genuine Windows is not expensive actually. You actually can download it only from Microsoft Windows site, then all you need to buy is that genuine product or CD or serial key! That key is only 10+ bucks USD. If you want the Windows CD and box, of course it might be more expensive abit. But what for? All you need is the Windows serial key.

There are plenty of sites which selling the Windows Genuine Key. The most famous Windows currently in the market are Windows 7 and 10. If you're planning to buy a cheap Genuine Windows key for Windows 7 or 10, you can buy it at