Meat In The Sandwich

(This is an entry about my workplace)

Somehow i feel that my workplace is getting worse and worse, what i meant to say is not my company but about my co-workers!!!

Since years ago, they already started know how to play "Taichi" (finger-pointing) and blaming each other when something was happened, but on that time it was not as serious as now, now what i can say is--- the scenario is crap! I know this is very common scenario and it could happen in every organization, well, seems like we have to get used to it huh??!! So, there is no other choice but depends on how talent are u in playing the Taichi!! Can i say so? You know this is called a "reality". When a problem is occur, i can guarantee that 90% of your co-workers would not admit to the offense!!  Exactly, this is happening now in my workplace.

Sometimes i was in a dilemma. When A is complaining with me about B, then B is complaining with me about A. I was the meat in the sandwich. So I would rather choose not to speak a word than adding oil to the fire!! It's really getting worse lately, people started to complain each other and trying to escape their offenses.

Well, i would say that I'd not bother and be the meat in the sandwich. Felt up ald. T__T

Okay, gonna off to bed now. Good night all!!

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