Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee Nude Photos & Videos Leaked!

Sometime in this year or last year, I think i used to write about how to become famous OVERNIGHT in my this blog. If you can still remember, i used to mention that one of the methods to get famous FAST is through ... Posting nude erotic photos or videos of yourself online!!! Either in your blog, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram!! But this fame is shameless, nothing to be proud of!!
 Alvin Tan Jye Yee
Recently, a young couple called Alvin Tan Jye Yee, 24, a National University of Singapore (NUS) law student, and his 23-year-old girlfriend Vivian Lee, also a Malaysian, had uploaded photos and videos of themselves in suggestive posts as well as having sex!!!
This is Alvin Tan innocent photo when he was still green~
Alvin Tan nude photo
This is shameless!! It is obvious that they wanted to get famous fast!!Let's congrats them!! They've successful!!All their nude photos and videos gone viral on net!

According to Alvin Tan: " We don’t see why people who are sexually-active and/or being open about their sex lives should be treated as sinners or criminals. Sex is a natural reproductive process that really doesn't deserve to have a stigma attached to it. Close-minded people need to get over it,".

Lol. But you must remember that u both are still a student!! Unless u both are not! Then no one would care about your nude photos or videos, coz u are nothing!! Neither an famous artist nor a politician like Anwar Ibrahim.

Guess what? Alvin Tan used to be a top student when he was in secondary school. See his results below.
You know, Alvin Tan looks quite different when he was younger compare to now. 
See his before and after photo below
Alvin Tan before and after. Izit the same person??
Vivian Lee- Alvin Tan's girl friend, looks innocent too, but who knows she would  do  such  a  brave  stuff!! 
Want more??18sx photos??
Vivian Lee Nude. Lol. Speechless!
Alvin Tan Jye Yee posting nude,showing off his penis

 Alvin Tan penis

Alvin Tan dick

 Alvin Tan Nude
Alvin Tan naked 
 Vivian Lee sucking cock

Vivian Lee blowjob

Alvin Tan & Vivian Lee homemade amateur porn video below (Warning 18sx)
(The video above is view-able although no cover picture, pls click PLAY BUTTON to watch the video)

Latest updates from Alvin and Vivian (17 Oct 2012). Check it out the video below.

Vivian Lee look omg different in real life. Lol. Being cheated by her photos!
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